TOGAF™ 9 and ITIL® Two Frameworks Whitepaper


TOGAF and ITIL are both frameworks that follow a process approach. They are both based upon best practice and are supported by a large community of users. However, whereas TOGAF is focused on Enterprise Architecture, ITIL focuses on Service Management. In the years of development of these frameworks, they have described an ever-growing change of domain, from IT to business processes. In their final versions they appear to have entered into each other’s domains. In this paper we try to explain that it is not a question of whether these models describe similar processes and that one has to make a choice between them. It is more important that the people who are concerned with Service Management understand TOGAF and that Enterprise Architects understand ITIL – because in most large companies worldwide, both will be used next to each other. As most IT architects and IT Service Managers probably have more knowledge of TOGAF than ITIL, and vice versa, this white paper will help them see and understand how these two frameworks are interrelated. Maybe even more important is how the ‘other’ framework can enhance the value of your ‘own’ framework.

Although these frameworks describe areas of common interest, it is not necessarily the case that they do that from the same perspective. Basically, ITIL was developed to support Service Management and TOGAF was developed to support organizations in the development of Enterprise Architecture. The focus of ITIL is therefore on services, whereas TOGAF is focused on architecture. However, since services have become part of fast-changing organizations, the prediction of what will be needed tomorrow is of growing interest to the people that deliver these services. Conversely, architecture has changed from a rather static design discipline to an organization- encompassing discipline, and is only useful if the rest of the organization is using it to enable all developments to be aligned to each other.