Why Become a Project Manager

Why has project management become a sought after career path? Well, project management has evolved significantly over time and as the nature of industry has changed the role of project manager has become more important.

Nowadays advances in technology, the changing emphasis of environmental impacts and the evolution of industry have made projects a fundamental aspect of the workplace. Whether it’s a small project to identify a new way of working, a process amendment within a team or a multi-billion dollar infrastructure programme project management plays a key role.

Good project managers are sought after across industries. Often pay rates are incredibly high, especially when project managers can also bring industry experience. Furthermore demand for project managers is global and demand for transferable skills is high. Although project workers are often on temporary contracts, the nature of the projects means they should have little problem finding a new role when a project comes to an end.
What is the added value of having a Project Manager?

As industries and trading environments change there are risks to organisations. Quite often the project acts as a tool helping an organisation to evolve through changes and discover a new way of doing things. The activities that manage change processes, the launch of new products and services or the integration of new processes are themselves full of risk. The project manager adds value by ensuring that these risks are kept to a minimum.

By allowing the project manager to plan effectively and identify risks up front the organisation is able to find the steps its needs to take through the project. Highlighting goals and setting a critical path will allow the organisation to clearly see how it will get to where it wants to be. The project manager is there to ensure that such risk occurrences do not take place and that changes are integrated effectively.


10 reasons to become a Project Manager

1. Demand
Project Management is a skill in demand. As businesses shape themselves for the future more of their operations are being driven through projects. Something that is fashionable tomorrow may not be relevant next week.

2. Money
For good project managers there are ample opportunities available in the market and plenty of money on offer. A top quality project manager in the UK with industry specific experience alongside project management skills can potentially demand a salary of £75k and above.

3. Prospects
Not only do project managers earn great salaries but there is scope for growth. No matter how big a project you are working on there are always bigger projects coming up with more responsibility. Career wise the sky is the limit for top class project managers.

4. People
As a project manager one of the main aspects of your role will be to look after and manage various stakeholders. Whether it’s other project staff, company directors, community stakeholders or suppliers you’ll be working around people all the time.

5. Travel
Global travel is definitely a bonus for project managers. As well as the UK, Europe and the States there is huge demand for project managers in Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) as well as demand down under and across the developing world.

6. Sectors
For many project managers sector specialisms are not important. For others, particularly sectors such as IT, Technology and Construction, industry knowledge is incredibly useful and can help you find a niche for yourself.

7. Leadership and Management
If you are the sort of person who naturally takes on leadership and management positions within a group project management will help you to further these skills as you will be responsible for driving the performance of other members of the project team.

8. Results Driven
For those who enjoy seeing the tangible outputs of work then project management is for you. The project, with its strict time, cost and outcome parameters will very clearly allow you to see the fruits of your labour.

9. Responsibility
Project management is not for the faint hearted. From the start you will be a figurehead of the project and handed responsibility. If you like pressure then project management is for you.

10. Change
No two days are the same in project management. Each day you’ll be given different challenges. As a project manager who enjoys change this is the role for you.

10 reasons why businesses should be thankful for a Project Manager

1. Results Orientated
The most important aspect of the project manager is the focus that they bring to the role. They will make goals tangible and add processes that ensure projects are delivered on time and to budget.

2. Understand Deadlines
If you need something doing by a certain date then ask a project manager. They are specialists in timelines and understand the important tasks to ensure the job gets done.

3. Financially Astute
As budgets play such a fundamental role in project management you can trust your project manager to keep a keen eye on the numbers. No more overspend when the project manager is in charge.

4. People
One of the fundamental skills of a project manager is to engage people to work towards the shared goal of the project. As managers they can do the job of motivating staff for you.

5. Great Communicators
Not only are project managers great with staff, they’re also great with stakeholders. When a project is particularly controversial project managers will manage relationships with community stakeholders on your behalf.

6. Risk Managers
A great project manager will scan through the project with a fine-toothed comb and identify any risks to ensure the project runs smoothly.

7. Team Players
When they have to the project manager will knuckle down and help the team. It’s this kind of attitude that helps to earn respect.

8. Hard Workers
Project managers know that sometimes, especially as a project draws to a close they may have to put in those important extra hours. Project Managers are often the most hardworking people you’ll meet.

9. Flexible
The nature of the project manager role means that flexibility is the norm. Whether its travel, start times or other challenges you can rely on the project manager to be flexible.

10. Change Masters
Finally, as change is such an important aspect of projects, project managers thoroughly understand the importance of change. This knowledge could be vital in a business.

Project Management is a dynamic and exciting career. If you are looking for a different challenge every day then Project Management could well be the career for you.

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